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4. Videos and photos

Anzac songs, videos with activities, photo interactives and YouTube videos


Videos of photos with music

  1. The Anzac

    Written by Adam Brand and Michael Carr. Series of photographs, with song "The Anzac".

  2. Anzac Day 2007 (Anzac Rap)

    Series of images, with Anzac rap song.

  3. The Last Anzac Tribute

    By Rick Pope. Series of photographs and short movies, with song "And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda". (Alec Campbell's photo is in the opening and closing images.)

  4. And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda
    Andn the Band PLayed Waltzing Matilda - John Williamson
    John Williamson sings "And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda", accompanied by images related to the Anzac story.

See also Gallipoli films on our related site,

Videos with activities

  1. Anzac Special: The Gallipoli Story
    Anzac Story - ABC BTN
    An ABC Behind the News segment.

  2. Gallipoli Boat

    The story behind a small lifeboat retrieved from Gallipoli. On the right of the web page is a link to classroom activities. (

  3. Jack Hazlitt - World War 1 Digger

    Video clip of a Gallipoli veteran speaking about his role as a runner within view of Turkish snipers.

  4. John Monash

    Video clip about a film on General John Monash. (Image shows an actor.)
    To see the range of study guides go to the Digital resources page, then scroll down to 'Anzac Day'.

Song videos


  1. Can you hear Australia's heroes marching?

    By Peter Barnes. (YouTube version also available.)

  2. Never let go
    By Bryan Adams

  3. Remembrance Day
    By Bryan Adams

  4. Lest we forget
    From Dogmatic Music.

  5. Australia remembers (sample only)
    From Dogmatic Music.

  6. John Simpson Kirkpatrick (sample only)
    From Dogmatic Music.

  7. The Last ANZAC Lyrics
    "Every year we remember, in April and Nov..."

  8. On every Anzac Day
    By John Schumann. Images of Aboriginal soldiers, now deceased, are included in the video.

  9. Spirit of the Anzacs (
    By Lee Kernaghan.

  10. An Old Log Cabin (
    By Vic Belsher.

Video tributes

Jack and Tom ( New
Jack and Tom

A short film using student actors to pay a tribute to Australian soldiers who served and died in World War 1.

The video enables students to appreciate that behind the names on war memorials are actual people just like them.



  • Gallipoli Then and Now
    Choose a photograph then move the cursor over the photograph
    to see how that part of Gallipoli looked in 1915.
    (Archived from:
  • Panoramas: Gallipoli Guide
    Drag the cursor across the photograph.

For more photographs from Gallipoli, see Gallipoli photographs and Anzac Cove today on our related site,



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